Discount Coffee Of The Month Club on Sale

Announcing the Discount Coffee of the Month Club! Travel the world via your coffee cup. Each month we will send you a different pound of coffee from exotic places like Celebes, Guatemala, Kenya etc. The first month you pay $12.95 and receive Costa Rican Tarrazu (a $14.65 lb. of coffee). Each month thereafter we will automatically ship a different coffee and bill you 10% off the regular price of the first pound and 20% off the second and up pound. The club is so popular that we have people who have been in it for years. Don't wait, order now to travel the world of coffee. No passport needed. You may cancel your membership at any time. Price for First Month: normally $14.65 now just $12.95. When ordering this item you will need to select to pay with your credit card not Paypal. This is so we are able to invoice future shipments.

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