Cafe La Semeuse Pure Origins Costa Rican

Cafe La Semeuse Costa Rican Pure Origins Coffee - Cafe La Semeuse Costa Rican coffee Cafe La Semeuse Costa Rican is our newest coffee. La Semeuse is famous for its non bitter coffee. Because it is roasted at 3000 feet in Switzerland, La Semeuse is able to produce a fuller roast at lower tempertures which protects the beans from burning.The pure Origins name indicates that it is pure Costa Rican and not a blend. Also it indicates a coffee that was selected because of some special characteristic. In the case of Costa Rican it's the fact that the bean is grown at a high altitude (4950 feet) in rich volcanic soil thus the coffee is full bodied with a slight tartness and a rich fruity aroma. If you have never had Cafe La Semeuse you need to give it a try. You will not be sorry. This wonderful coffee comes vacuum sealed in an 8.8 oz. foil bag Gound coffee. . Price: $16.95
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