Cafe La Semeuse Coffee

Cafe La Semeuse Coffee - We are out of stock - our wholesaler is still out of stock as well. Cafe La Semeuse The Washington Post says, "Cafe La Semeuse coffee is one of the finest brews we've sampled recently. The full smooth and aromatic Swiss coffee is sold in pretty 8.8 oz. foil bags". Two time winner of the NASFT's Outstanding Beverage Award, it is the coffee served nightly at The James Beard House for more than a decade.

Due to its unique roasting this coffee has no bitterness. Cafe La Semeuse is roasted at 3000 feet altitude in Switzerland where reduced atmospheric pressure permits a fuller roast using less heat. Cafe La Semeuse has an exceptional full flavor with Absolutely no bitterness! This wonderful coffee comes vacuum sealed in an 8.8 oz. foil bag. Available in whole bean or ground. We are temporarily out of stock on Whole Bean Cafe La Semeuse. Price: $16.95

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