Camel Tea (Toucha)

Camel Tea (Toucha)
Camel Tea (Toucha) - Big Leaf varietal, Camellia assamica. This tea derives its name from the camels that carried it along the Silk Roads to the Tibetan and Mongolian regions. Toucha are individually wrapped, compressed leaf balls (in the shape of birds nest). Approximately six balls in one ounce and gives many infusions. The tea has an earthy flavor. China, Yunnan Province, Dayeh, Toucha produces a clear dark brown full bodied brew. Some current scientific studies underline their effectiveness in lowering cholesterol. Pu-er is also the name of a town in southwest China from whence the tea originates and is still grown. Price: $13.00 per 3 oz tin makes 75 cups of tea.

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