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Tasting Chart

To assist you in selecting the right coffees we have compiled the following COFFEE TASTING CHART. As coffee is a matter of individual taste you may want to order one or more of our sampler packs to determine your favorites.
Note: Acidity is not bitterness. It is a sharp taste on the palate. Arabica coffees have 1/2 the caffeine of Robusta coffees. We sell only Arabica coffees.

Very Strong Coffee
Italian Espresso-----Acidic--Italian
French Roast----------Acidic--French
Puerto Rican----------Acidic--Puerto Rican
San Francisco Vice-Sweet-SF-Vice

Strong Coffee
Arabian Mocha-----------Sweet--Arabian
California Sippin--------Sweet--CA Sippin
Indonesia Reserve-----Sweet/Nutty--Indonesia
Nick's Blend---------------Sweet--Nick's Blend
Kenya AA-------------------Sweet--Kenya AA
Sumatra Mandheling--Sweet--Sumatra
Rosie's Blend-------------Sweet/Acidic--Rosie's Blend
Black Velvet--------------Sweet/Acidic--Black Velvet

Medium Coffee
Colombia Supremo--Sweet--Colombia
Blue Mountain Reserve--Sweet--Blue Mountain
Cafe Roast-- Sweet--Cafe Roast
Gold Coast Blend--Sweet--Gold Coast
Costa Rican Tarrazu--Sweet--Costa Rican
Ethiopian Harrar--------Sweet/Acidic--Ethiopian
Jamaican Blue Mtn--Sweet--Jamaican Blue Mtn
Mocha Java--Sweet--Mocha Java
House Blend--Neutral--House Blend
Kona Fancy AA--Neutral--Kona Fancy AA
Tanzania Peaberry--Delicate Acidic--Tanzania
Celebes Kalossi--Nutty--Celebes Kalossi
Brazilian Estate--Acidic--Brazilian Estate
Guatemala Antigua--Acidic--Guatemala Antigua