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Strong Coffees

Arabian             Mocha Coffee
Arabian Mocha
Price: $24.95
Black                Velvet Coffee
Black Velvet
Price: $16.95
California Sippin Coffee
California Sippin'
Price: $13.95
Indonesia Reserve Coffee
Indonesia Reserve
Price: $15.55
Jamboree                 Coffee
Price: $15.35
Kenya AA                 Coffee
Kenya AA
Price: $16.95
Mexican                   Coffee
Price: $13.95
Nick's               Blend Coffee
Nick's Blend
Price: $18.95
Rosie's             Blend Coffee
Rosie's Blend
Price: $14.95
Sumatra Mandheling Coffee
Sumatra Mandheling
Price: $16.95
Sumatra Mandheling Coffee
Sumatra Reserve
Price: $16.95
Viennese Roast
Viennese Roast
Price: $12.95

Strong Coffees

When we call these strong coffees, we don't mean bitter - but rather rich full flavor with that great aroma that goes with a fine cup of coffee. All of our coffee beans are Arabica coffee, a higher grade of coffee that has richer flavor than Robusta coffee.
Not sure what you'd like, consider ordering our Strong Coffee Sampler from the Coffee Sampler option on the menu on the left. You get 4 different 1/4 lb strong coffees in either whole bean or one of 5 grinds which you select.

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